About Litigative

Litigative consults with private litigants and their counsel, accountancies, consultancies, and governmental agencies in North America and Europe.

From discovery and assessment through trial, Litigative delivers results for our clients by exploring multiple quantitative strategies and qualitative methods to construct evidence in several sectors, including filmed entertainment, financial services, real estate, and energy.

Specific to media-related disputes, Litigative leverages proprietary databases of content licensing financials to provide strategic advisory services and transactional support to investors, banks, rights holders, producers, licensors, and distributors.

James W. Huddleston

Managing Director


James W. Huddleston, LL.M, LL.B, CFE, combines fifteen years of expertise in motion picture finance, data analysis, and international private equity with diverse legal experience and education in Canada, the UK, and the US. He provides litigation support and expert witness services in complex disputes involving filmed entertainment, financial services, real estate, and energy.

As Finance Executive for an accomplished film production company, he oversaw global revenue collections, distribution partnerships, contract negotiations, and managed client relationships. Throughout the lifecycle of several motion pictures, he was responsible for transactional and financial management. These films ranged from an Oscar-winner distributed by Fox Searchlight to a UK art-house film distributed by Sony Pictures Classics and big-budget studio films released worldwide.

Before his role in motion picture finance, he managed buy-side equity research from a network of analysts reporting from around the world on emerging market companies. An investigation by this network of analysts uncovered fraud activity at Satyam Computers in 2009, which exceeded $1.3 billion – India's largest corporate fraud.

James served as a licensed Finance, Compliance, and Anti-Money Laundering Officer through the Dubai Financial Services Authority. He recently received an LL.M in Securities and Corporate Law under the academic direction of Queen Mary and University College London. James splits his time between Los Angeles and Montana.

Media: Approach and Differentiation

1 Litigative's approach is rooted in firsthand media and financial experience that helps clients unravel and simplify the complexities of media intellectual property disputes. From case assessment through trial, we help counsel formulate novel approaches.

2 Proprietary databases of media intelligence produce and verify robust financial evidence for clients and counsel. Millions of datasets of content licensing financials reduce discovery costs, prepare data-driven settlements, and determine economic damages.

3 Litigative succeeds for our clients by providing access to proprietary media intelligence, collecting complex evidence, conducting thorough investigations, performing data-driven forensic analyses, and supporting each stage of the arbitration or litigation process.

Litigation Support

Litigative consults on legal actions that have resulted in damages exceeding half a billion. These matters involve offering frauds, financial misrepresentations, auditor negligence, and breaches of fiduciary duties.

Expert Testimony

Delivers expert witness testimony in multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration by leveraging fifteen years of expertise in fraud investigations, motion picture finance, data analysis, and international private equity.

IP Valuations

Litigative performs intellectual property valuations, lost profit reports, damage analysis, revenue recreations, and rights acquisition research in disputes involving filmed entertainment.

Media Intelligence

Constructs and substantiates evidence by leveraging several proprietary databases that include millions of past, present, and future data points of media licensing financials, contracts, and transactions.