Litigative LLC provides litigation support, fraud investigative services, and expert witness testimony focusing on intellectual property and complex financial transactions in multiple industries and jurisdictions.

Litigative has uncovered and investigated multiple financial frauds resulting in robust evidence being provided in civil and administrative proceedings at various stages of investigation and enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission and Provincial Securities Commissions in Canada.

Recent Investigations and Engagements

  • Multiple financial frauds involving registered shares and private placements in portfolios of motion pictures

  • Breaches of trust and securities violations in the sale of trust units by the world's largest asset manager

  • Manipulation in the procurement of government grants and securities violations by multiple publicly traded energy companies

  • Copyright infringement by two of the largest video streaming services and fraud against a related co-defendant

American Bar Association: Entertainment & Sport Lawyer

April 28, 2023
James Huddleston
Anatomy of a Multimillion-Dollar Film Fraud: The untold story and aftermath of one of Canada’s largest Ponzi schemes that bilked over a thousand investors out of millions predicated on a fraudulent portfolio of film loans.




Services and Expertise

Litigative LLC consults with private litigants and their counsel, companies, accountancies, and governmental agencies in North America.

Litigation Support

Litigative consults on legal actions that have resulted in damages exceeding a quarter billion. These matters involve offering frauds, financial misrepresentations, auditor negligence, and breaches of fiduciary duties.

Expert Testimony

Delivers expert witness testimony in multi-jurisdictional litigation and arbitration by leveraging fifteen years of expertise in fraud investigations, motion picture finance, data analysis, and international private equity.

IP Valuations

Litigative performs intellectual property valuations, lost profit reports, damage analysis, revenue recreations, and rights acquisition research in disputes involving filmed entertainment distributed around the world.

Media Intelligence

Constructs and substantiates evidence by leveraging several proprietary databases that include millions of past, present, and future data points of media licensing financials, contracts, and transactions.


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